Wyse 5010 did not pull wnos.ini from ftp after update

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    I’ve tested the update of Wyse 5010 from ThinOS 8.5_012 to 8.6_810 via FTP server.
    The update itself worked fine, but afterwards it didn’t contact the FTP server to load the wnos.ini file.
    It just opened the Connection manager with Default RDP connection.
    In the Central Configuration there are the parameters that came via DHCP options 161 and 162 which worked with the older ThinOS.
    In the Eventlog it shows “contacting reserved file server wyseftpfbc4tc …” but nothing else.
    Factory reset didn’t help.

    I have already searched for this behaviour and found nothing.

    Any idea?


    Jim Lathan
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    Post you INI and log file if you can

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