Wyse Device Manager 5.5 launched

Today Dell has released the new version of their management solution called Wyse Device Manager (WDM). This version is the first step to a complete new look of WDM. Dell has included a new webinterface as a preview.


But there are a lot more feature that came into this build version. Most interesting is the new option to push configurations to Linux via WCM (Wyse Configuration Manager).

I am really curious about the next release when hopefully all the preview and limited features are finalized.

Key features of this release include:

  • Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) for SUSE Linux
    • Dell Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) for SUSE Linux can now be launched from WDM and you can create and apply configuration files to thin client devices running SUSE Linux operating systems. This feature requires a separate add-on.
  • Profile Manager for SUSE Linux
    • Profile Manager enables you to deploy a predefined configuration on a specified group of devices. These configurations are those that you create using WCM and save them in a specified repository.
  • WDM Web UI Support (Preview Only)
    • Now you can access your devices via supported browsers with the new, sleek WDM Web UI. Note: Current version of Web UI is view only. Next MR will have major workflows working in Web UI.
    • WDM 5.5 Introduces new API option for providing expandability and customizations via 3rd party integration
  • Windows 10 Support
    • WDM 5.5 supports all of your Wyse Windows 10 IoT Enterprise thin client devices.
  • Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) for Windows 10 (Preview Only)
    • WCM supports Windows 10 IoT thin clients with limited functionality.
  • Merlin Imaging Support for devices having 60 GB Hard Disk
    • WDM 5.5 supports imaging of devices with hard drive capacities over 60GB. In the WDM GUI you can find the Legacy platform name mapping in the Hardware info asset information tab.
  • Licensing Behavior Change
    • If the devices discovered or added manually are more than the available licenses available in the WDM server then the devices will be listed in the Unmanaged Devices section.
  • Rebranding/Renaming of TCs
    • WDM 5.5 supports the Wyse thin client rebranded model names. In the WDM GUI you can find the legacy platform name mapping in the Hardware info asset information tab.

End of Engineering Support Announcement for Selected ThinOS Models

Dell is announcing the end of engineering support for the following thin client models:
Xenith Pro

The Wyse ThinOS 8.2 MR release, scheduled for Q2 CY2016 will be the final firmware release, at which point no further engineering activities are planned for these devices.
Basic hardware and software support will still be provided for these products to any customers with outstanding service contracts. However, no additional service contracts or maintenance support contracts will be sold to these EOL products.