WMS Update Scheduled for 8/26

Dell announced the Wyse Management Suite 4.1.1 update schedule date.

The Wyse Management Suite update will be released as follows:

  • Customers using the on-prem version can download the WMS 4.1.1 update on August 28th
  • The US1 public cloud update will begin on Saturday, August 26th, at 7:00 pm PDT.
    • Customers using Wyse Management Suite Pro Cloud with US1 subscriptions should expect downtime of about 8 hours, until 3:00 AM PDT, August 27th.

During this time, the portal will be unavailable, and users will be redirected to a maintenance page. There may also be brief periods when the maintenance page is unreachable. However, this will not affect the Thin Clients’ ability to connect to their computing environments. 

What’s New in WMS 4.1.1

This release will provide performance improvements, bug fixing, and new features. A few key features are listed below:

• Bulk Group Change devices up to 10,000 entries

• New background job to delete un-registered devices

• UI change for the bulk group change to increase the window size and coloring

• Group Name search feature in all Group listing UI and Pop-ups.

• Available license count to be displayed on the subscription page

• BIOS Parameter report for ThinOS 9.x devices (Device Name, OS Type, Serial Number/Service Tag, MAC, AC Recovery, Auto Power, Auto Power Time, Auto Power Days, Wake On USB, Wake On Lan, Deep Sleep Control.)

• Bug fixes