Freelance Support

I’m a freelance engineer and consultant with over 20 years of experience. I’ve worked across many industries, including federal, state, and local governments, health care, small, medium, and large businesses, hospitality, and retail. I’ve helped businesses of all sizes solve their most challenging problems.

I’m a self-starter who works best independently but can also collaborate well on teams. When working with my team members, I take the initiative to lead the design process and offer clear direction. I’m always open to feedback and receptive to new ideas.

What do I do?
I like to say that I solve other people’s problems. My favorite thing is to take on the tasks and issues that slow your growth and productivity. It’s incredible how much we can do today with increasingly sophisticated technology! I am here to help.

Why should we hire you?
I’m a big-picture thinker who loves to tackle stubborn and complex issues and design the entire project from start to finish, from requirements gathering through development and testing and into deployment. I’ve been doing this for years, so you won’t need to worry about me needing hand-holding or getting stuck on something minor if there’s a bigger problem.

Getting Started
I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can help you. Email me at Ji*@fl**********************.com for more information.