WMS not pushing commands only pulling config

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    Hi all,

    I’m pretty new to the whole WMS thing. I’m currently using WMS 3.3.1 with Wyse 3040 Clients with ThinOS 9.1.3112 and BIOS 1.2.5.

    I’m enrolling devices via DHCP options. One of the issues I have is that when I start a client for the first time I have to actively press buttons because it starts with the prompt “SecureBoot enabled rebooting”. So my idea of deploying 90 additional clients via switches seems to get stuck because I can’t simply enroll them without touching. Maybe somebody has an idea?

    But the main issue I have is the pushing of commands and configs. After a reboot the clients pull all the configs, files and updates from the server. But if I push a simple “Send message” or reboot it does nothing. I have to recheck the client through “Central Configuration” on the client itself and THEN it pulls the commands. As we are currently in the thick of a migration, where we have to ensure that during the rollout the customer can work via VMware Horizon and to switch at day x to Windows Virtual Desktop, the issue comes at the wrong time.

    The WMS server is on Azure and has a S2S VPN to the ThinClient network. No ports are blocked. I even tried to lower the MTU to 1350 by Microsoft best practices. As far as I understood I don’t need the MQTT part? As the status on the clients is “Closed” and I can’t really pinpoint if that matters. I’ve added the MQTT DHCP option just to be sure but that didn’t help.

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    When real-time commands like Send Message do not work, this indicates that the MQTT server cannot communicate with the client.
    Make sure port 1883 is reachable.


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    So this means the MQTT needs to work like I thought. On the System Info of the ThinClients the MQTT status is “Closed” and under “Central Configuration” the MQTT entry was filled by the DHCP option and has the WMS server in there but it’s greyed out like it’s inactivated.

    Sadly I didn’t find any configuration on WMS regarding MQTT or how I could enable it. I only saw that the service was running.

    Do I need to change anything on the MQTT config file?

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    Check your network, the Thin Client should be automatic, you need to allow port 1883 in your firewall and routers.

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    In WMS, under

    Portal Administration -> Setup (scroll to the bottom)

    you can also change the base URL of the MQTT-service. Ex from servername.fqdn to dns-alias.fqdn.

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