How to upgrade DHC 1.5 to 1.6 with DellHybridClient_1.6_743.tar.gz

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    This installation guide is based on using On-Prem Wyse Management Suite

    1. Download and copy the DellHybridClient_1.6_743.tar.gz file to \repository\hybridClientApps. For example, C:\WMS\LocalRepo\repository\hybridClientApps.
    2. Log in to WMS and go to Apps & Data > App Inventory > Hybrid Client and ensure that the application entry for DellHybridClient_1.6_743.tar.gz is present.
    3. In this step, we are going to create an Application Policy and manually install it on clients. You can also use Jobs and schedule the update.
    4. Go to Apps & Data > Apps Policies > Hybrid Client > Add Advanced Policy
    5. In the Edit advanced App Policy screen
      1. Enter Policy Name >  i.e DHC 1.6 upgrade
      2. Group > select the group that will have access to the new policy. If you want to make this available Globally, select Default Device Policy Group. To make it available globally continue to the next step, skip the next step if you do not want to enable access to sub-groups under the group you selected.
      3. Sub Groups > check to Include All Groups
      4. Task > Install Application (Default)
      5. OS Type > Select Hybrid Client
      6. Application > Click Add App
        • In the first box (Apps) Select DellHybridClient_1.6_743.tar.gz
        • Install Timeout > changed 10 minutes
        • Reboot > Check the Box
      7. OS Subtype Filter > Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop
      8. Manufacturer Filter > Optional (Dell, Inc)
      9. Platform Filter > Optional (Select the devices that will have access to the policy)
      10. Timeout > 2
      11. Allow Delay of policy execution > Optional
      12. Apply Policy Automatically > De no apply automatically
      13. Click Save
      14. Click Schedule Later

    Now you are ready to update DHC 1.5 devices to 1.6. This is a lengthy process, the length of time depends on the network connection to the device.

    Schedule the App Policy using Jobs > Schedule App Policy or by device by selecting the device(s) and then More Actions > Schedule App Policy.

    When schedule, An upgrade notification window is displayed on the Dell Hybrid Client powered device. > Click Update Now.

    The system will perform a reboot a couple of times, one to apply DHC 1.6 and then policy from WMS.


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