Reply To: Upgrade firmware/BIOS before apps within same WMS policy group?

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I’m also interested in that point, because I didn’t find the solution either.

What I did in the past was indeed :

1. Move the device from his current “production v9.x” policy group to an “upgrade v9.xx” policy group, for the firmware upgrade.

2. Then move this device to a new “production v9.xx” policy group for the app packages installation.

But with this method I have to manually move devices to severals groups, and I prefer automate the whole process. So I came back to only one policy group with firmware and apps installation together. Ok apps are installed twice, but at least I move the device only once, in only one upgrade group.

So it would be good if in WMS there was a priority installation between firmware and apps, or the thin client know that firmware had to be installed first !