Upgrade firmware/BIOS before apps within same WMS policy group?

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    Forgive my ignorance as I’m new to all of this. We’re in the process of replacing 1,000+ 5030’s /w no management console to 5070’s and WMS.

    As the title states, I’m wondering if there’s a way to configure a single policy group in WMS such that the firmware and BIOS updates occur BEFORE application package updates.

    Reason being that upgrading from ThinOS 9.1.1131 to newer removes all packages. Which is fine, but currently, if I include new ThinOS firmware, BIOS, and application packages in the same WMS policy, the client will upgrade the apps first, only for them to get wiped during the ThinOS firmware upgrade.

    As a result, the app packages are installed twice. Here’s what it looks like:

    1. App packages are upgraded.
    2. ThinOS is upgraded, removing all app packages.
    3. Client reboots and app packages are re-installed.
    4. BIOS is upgraded.

    Is the answer to hop through multiple policy groups? Example: create a policy group to upgrade the firmware and BIOS, then when complete, move the clients to a separate policy to upgrade the app packages?

    Curious how everyone else is doing this.

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    I’m also interested in that point, because I didn’t find the solution either.

    What I did in the past was indeed :

    1. Move the device from his current “production v9.x” policy group to an “upgrade v9.xx” policy group, for the firmware upgrade.

    2. Then move this device to a new “production v9.xx” policy group for the app packages installation.

    But with this method I have to manually move devices to severals groups, and I prefer automate the whole process. So I came back to only one policy group with firmware and apps installation together. Ok apps are installed twice, but at least I move the device only once, in only one upgrade group.

    So it would be good if in WMS there was a priority installation between firmware and apps, or the thin client know that firmware had to be installed first !

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    My best practice is to create a multi-step update policy sequence. After defining the sequence of updates, then move the devices to the production policy. In order to keep things simple, I have the devices registered to the Default policy to set the basic items, i.e. Time Zone and other general items.

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    @diginerds1 do you use multiple separate policy groups to accomplish this?

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