Wyse Management Suite 3.8 Configuration UI Update Package is Available for Download

With the recent release of Dell ThinOS and Dell Hybrid Client, Dell also released Wyse Management Suite UI updates to enhance Dell Wyse Management Suite.

DellWMS-ConfigurationUI-Package.zip Configuration UI package is a standalone package that can be used to update the Groups & Configurations policy settings for ThinOS 9.x and Dell Hybrid Client devices.

The most visible enhancement is the added feature of Firmware logic, which truly makes it easy to see what you have in inventory.

Fixes & Enhancements

Supports new ThinOS 9.x and Dell Hybrid Client devices Group Configurations. For more information, see ThinOS 2208 (9.3.2102) and Dell Hybrid Client release notes.

  • Changed the option name from DNS Discover to DNS/DHCP Discover
  • Added Discover Force Discover
  • Added color scheme for Modern mode
  • Added Sleep Mode
  • Added Firmware Update Logic
  • Added Deep Sleep Control for OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client
  • Added BIOS settings page for OptiPlex 5400 AIO
  • Added Keyboard Error Detection, Fastboot, and Extend BIOS POST time
  • Added SNMPV3 Settings
  • Added RDS Web Login
  • Added capability to automatically connect to sessions
  • Added hold key audio warnings countdown
  • Added hold key audio warnings beep repeat time
  • Added Single Button Connect settings
  • Added Single Connection setting
  • Added Only Show and Launch the OnDesktop Session Typesetting
  • Improved Application Package Updates category
  • Added Edit Screen Saver option in privilege System Preferences.
  • Added default 5900 to the VNC service VNCD TCP Port text field
  • Added data validation on Proxy Server URL
  • Added Lock Terminal
  • Added DHCP option 42 to enable the option
  • Added the default value of 5900 in the VNCD TCP Port field of the VNC service

Installation instructions

Standard Instructions to Upload and Apply Config UI package:

For On-Premise Server:

  1. Download the latest Config UI package.
  2. Log in to Wyse Management Suite as a Global Administrator.
  3. Go to Portal Administration > System > Setup > Configuration UI Package.
  4. Click Browse and select the latest Configuration UI package.
    The new Configuration UI package is applied to Wyse Management Suite Server or when Dell Hybrid Client device has a higher version of Configuration UI package compared to WMS Server.
  5. Click the devises tab, and select the Dell Hybrid Client device which has a higher version of the Configuration UI package
  6. Go to the Device Details page.
  7. Click More Actions and select the Pull Configuration UI Package option.
    The following alert message is displayed: You are about to send a PullConfigUIPackage command to the device. Do you wish to Proceed?
  8. Click Send Command.
    Then the new Configuration UI package from the Dell Hybrid Client device is applied to WMS Server.

For Public Cloud Tenants/Customers, the Configuration UI Package is upgraded by Dell Technologies.