Wyse Management Suite 3.3 Release


This week WMS 3.3 was released to the web. At the same time, the US cloud tenant has also been updated to this latest version. The EMEA tenant will follow this coming weekend (10th of July).

What’s New in WMS 3.3

This release will provide performance improvements, bug fixing, and new features. More details below:

  • Security Update Review Review and patch vulnerability updates identified by Dell Security
  • IP Security Scan – Fixed issues identified during the regularly scheduled IP security scan
  • IPS Customer Escalations – Addressing customer escalations raised prior to 3.3 launch
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes WES device stops communication with WMS and logs into WDM server
    • Fixed an issue where customer is unable to generate a device report for all devices on public cloud but can do so any specific group
    • Fixed an issue where customers were unable to set a dual monitor configuration policy on WIE10 IoT devices
    • Fixed an issue where multi-monitor option was not available under Horizon connection for Wyse Software thin client policy
    • Fixed an issue that would push BIOS update wrongly after updates to WMS policy
    • Fixed an issue that would update devices to older BIOS version instead of the latest
    • Several other customer issues also addressed
  • ATS Issues – Review and resolve all ATS issues identified by Dell Quality that require a solution
  • DHC Support – Added DHC 1.1 MR1 support for WMS and DCA
  • DHC packages in WMS public cloud – Allow for files to be uploaded directly to WMS Cloud (without having to deploy an on-prem repository)
  • Edge browser for Win 10 devices – Added edge browser support for WIE 10 thin clients as Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer in Aug 2021
  • Communication changes – Currently, we send a 2 week notice when a customer has licenses expiring. We feel this is not enough time for the customer to re-order licenses. As a result we are increasing this communication lead time and frequency to 60 days, 30 days and 14 days before the expiration date
  • WMS Data Storage Documentation – We have received several communications from customers regarding clarifications on WMS data storage so to address most questions we have created documentation to provide more clarity around the topic.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC Support