October 3, 2023

The Wyse Management Suite update will be released as follows:

  • Customers using the on-prem version can download the WMS 3.3 Hot Fix update here on August 16th, 2021.
  • The EU1 public cloud update will begin on Saturday, August 14th, at 4:00 am CEST.

Customers using Wyse Management Suite Pro Cloud with EU1 subscriptions should expect no downtime at this time.

The WMS team will be making changes to address the following items below via a WMS 3.3 Hotfix update. 

  • WMS-556/561: Fixed the issue where selecting a platform from the platform filter list, the refreshed list won’t show only the devices that were filtered for
  • WMS-554/562: Fixed an issue where creating device exception configuration in WMS for an individual device is reflected on all the devices
  • WMSNG-6424: Fixed an issue where a scheduled job could get stuck at Pending/Queued state due to the owner of job being deleted before the execution of the job
  • WMS-560: Fixed an issue where WMS reports did not list the DHC build version correctly
  • WMS-563: Fixed an issue where a device unexpectedly upgraded to a different build than intended
  • WMS-569: Fixed an issue where a use was unable to sort the ‘Platform Type’ column using the Platform drop list
  • WMS-557: Fixed an issue where files chosen under ‘post install’ for advanced app policy creation would not show up after saving
  • WMSNG-7035: Fixed an issue where no event was generated for a login from custom WMS user
  • WMSNG-7036: Fixed an issue where events were getting wiped off after customer user deletion in WMS on-prem
  • WMSNG-7041: Fixed an issue where events and all app policy report generation was failing if created users, who had events logged or created app policy, were deleted