October 3, 2023

Hi there, du to some technical issues I was not able to post about all the new stuff that just got release or is on the way. So sorry for that.
I will not talk a lot upfront but directly start with the content itself – as always.

First of all, as many of you already may have seen, Dell has released Wyse Management Suite 1.1.
Although this is just a .1 release, it is fully packed with new feature. Dell announced more that 20 new features in this release. I will only focus on a few of them.

– The GUI was reworked and some tabs got renamed or moved. This makes the whole process of managing your clients much more intuitive – a field where the old WDM wasn’t great in.
The GUI is now also multi-language capable. You have the option of English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.
– The simple amount of possible policy settings has been more than doubled
– Enhanced and extended Configuration support for ThinOS with easy to use Wizard
– Wyse Easy setup configuration for WES including Kiosk Mode, Control Panel Settings (More about Wyse Easy Setup below)
– Remote Shadow(For Private Cloud Only)
– Management and configuration of Software Thin Clients(More about Converted PCs below)

So you see that an upgrade is really worth it. Just keep in mind that a lot of the new ThinOS policies will need the upcoming ThinOS version 8.5.

When speaking about ThinOS 8.5. This new release was planned for end of January. Due to some last minutes issues found, this will be postponed. Rumors are talking about end of February now. However, this has not been commited. You will get more details about this release here as soon as it was released.

The next release is a brand new one. Dell has created a free utility to easily lock down your Windows embedded devices.
The software is called Wyse Easy Setup and is a free utility that enables IT Admins to quickly and easily configure, lockdown and deploy their Windows-based Dell Thin Clients (WES7 and WIE10 only).
If you want to check it out, you can take a look at this video Wyse Easy Setup Introduction or download the software from http://downloads.dell.com/wyse/WyseEasySetup/1.0/

And there is more to talk about.
Wyse Converter for PCs is coming soon. This software will help you to convert your existing PCs into a fully manageable Thin Client. Wyse Converter for PCs will be chargeable solution and converted clients can be fully managed by Wyse Management Suite. It will be released soon.