WMS 3.2 is launched today

Over the weekend Dell has launched WMS 3.2. EU1.wysemanagementsuite.com Cloud instance has also been updated last weekend. US1 instance will follow shortly.


• WMS Support Secure MQTT
• Proxy support to the On-Prem repository component
• API Access from WMS to import/export info to/from other programs
• Restart failed jobs
• Active Directory (AD) Integration
• Delete the whole policy, but not the group
• Schedule Device Commands improvements
• WMS Apply Group Change on Restart
• Silent Deployment
• Automatic unregistering devices after a configurable number of days (1-120)
• Bulk Device exception
• WMS Apply Group Change on Restart
• Firmware and BIOS file upload to WMS Public Cloud and Push via Configuration
• Mongo DB update to 4.2.12 version
• New platform: Optiplex 3090 ultra & 7090 ultra with Dell Hybrid Client (DHC 1.5), and Latitude 3320 with DHC 1.5
• User Personalization Data Roaming for Dell Hybrid Client (DHC 1.5)
• Dell signed applications automated update for Dell Hybrid Client (DHC 1.5)