5 thoughts on “WMS 3.1.1 Hotfix re-released

  1. Installed and all correct for now. Fixed key issues … Installed since version 3.0.356


  2. Had no Problems with installing Hotfix from WMS
    Also RDP works fine for now.


  3. hello

    indeed I can not install this patch I am already in 3.1.1 🙁
    i made a vmware snapshot i will test ….


  4. I see in some notes that the hotfix(es) address issues with password encryption? Would this include the terminals randomly not accepting their set Administrator account’s password? We set the pass via WMS, and recently I’ve come across going into admin mode fails because the terminal rejects the password. Usually it’s resolved via a reboot, but, still annoying.

    We’re on WMS 3.1 599.


  5. Upgraded from without issue, but 9.1 is still something we are testing. For production we are on 8.6 with 5010 and 5070 thin clients. Is anyone on 9.1 in production yet? Would love some feedback, positive or negative, if anyone has a few minutes. Using wms as opposed to wnos is going to take a little getting used to.


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