Update for WMS

Yesterday Dell has posted the newest version of its Management Suite, version 1.2.
Along with a lot of bugfixes, you have these new features:

– Support for the “beast” Wyse 5070
– Ability to tag single or multiple devices and €filters is supported
– New Windows Embedded Standard policy “Skip Write Filter” added
– Filter Enhancement
– Remote shadow privilege can now be assigned to viewers role
– Support .png upload
– CA validation for imaging
– Multi Monitor support
– Wyse Device Manager migration phase 2
– Windows Embedded Standard CAD (Ctrl-Alt-Del) Mapping
– Integrated smart card with Quick Con€fig
– License check on Wyse Management Suite installer during upgrade
– Import tool update
– Wyse Easy Setup for Wyse Management Suite Standard edition
– Active Directory user search enhancement
– Installer updates
– Warning message for ThinOS settings
– Port management for Windows Embedded Standard devices
– Support localized converted PCs
– Passcode enforcement for Wyse Management Suite Mobile application
– Localized devices support

In addition to these enhancements, Dell has updated the core components to its latest versions:
– JDK upgrade to 1.8.0_152
– Tomcat upgrade to 8.5.27
– MongoDB upgrade to 3.4.10
– MariaDB upgrade to 10.2.12
– MySQL upgrade 5.7
– MariaDB java client upgrade to 2.2.0

You can find this version under downloads.dell.com/wyse/wms/1.2/