Two new ThinOS releases this week

The last two days Dell has released ThinOS 8.6 MR 6 and ThinOS 9.0 MR1.
As the development of the ThinOS 8 and 9 code is now divided between two teams, Dell is able to do these simultaneous released.

However, let’s take a look at the new releases. We start with ThinOS 8.6 MR6.

ThinOS 8.6 MR6 Build 8.6_412
First, and most important fact is, that MR6 will not be supported on Wyse 3010 anymore. The supported platforms are:
– Wyse 3020
– Wyse 3030
– Wyse 3040
– Wyse 5010
– Wyse 5040
– Wyse 5060
– Wyse 5070
– Wyse 5470
– Wyse 7010

New features:
– Network icon added to taskbar
– Show Key feature for Wyse Management Suite group
– Change registration code for Amazon WorkSpaces
– Wyse Management Suite Proxy information using DHCP
options or DNS SRV records
– Supports RC4_HMAC_MD5 for RDP connections
– Limit core dumps by clearing NVRAM
– ENERGY STAR 8 compliance
– Supports TicTok smart cards

ThinOS 9.0 MR1 Build 2031
Good to know that you are not able to downgrade a ThinOS 9 installation to ThinOS 8 using WMS or Fileserver. The only option would be to use the USB Firmware Tool.
Supported platforms are:
– Wyse 3040
– Wyse 5070
– Wyse 5470

New features:
– End User License Agreement
– Wyse Management Suite subnet mapping
– Wyse Management Suite user exception
– Wyse Management suite Active Directory group
– Support for WINS server
– Microsoft Teams audio optimization
– Imprivata OneSign ProveID Embedded feature
– HID Global OMNIKEY driver
– Autoconfiguration of email-based account discovery using
– Dell WD19 docking station audio port
– Dual IPv6 network
– New Admin Policy Tool options
– Wireless IPv6 support
– ThinOS local taskbar icons for windows
– Integrated RTME 2.9 to Citrix package
– Update Citrix package to 2004
– Supports two new ELO touch monitors
– Resolution enhancement on Wyse 5470 and Wyse 5470 All-in-One thin clients
– Mandatory complex password for VNC and Admin mode
– Reversed touchpad scroll

All builds and packages can be downloaded, as usual, from the Dell Support website for free.