Zoom Horizon accelerator bug on ThinOS 9.1.2101

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    So, we’ve noticed a RANDOM issue when using the Zoom Horizon accelerator with ThinOS 9.1.2101.

    The Zoom Horizon accelerator is version Zoom_Horizon_5.4.59458.0109.

    We are using the latest VDI client, 5.5.6, on the VM, but also tried 5.4.6 with the same problem.

    Basically, what happens is the video overlay is off center with what is being displayed on the screen.

    This doesn’t happen on a fresh ThinOS install… well, not immediately.  It seems after a few uses of the Zoom Horizon accelerator, not sure how many uses or how much time passes, this bug crops up and it’s permanently there until you reset the thin client to factory defaults or push the firmware to the device again through USB.

    This also breaks the video of other peoples’ cameras and you cannot see what other people are screen sharing.

    When this issue is occurring, you can easily confirm it by going to the zoom.us/test page and viewing your camera at the very beginning.

    Your actual camera window will be in the extreme upper left of the monitor, but the actual viewport is supposed to be in the center of the screen.  It’s all jacked up.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    I’ve gotten tired of having to factory reset the thin clients to fix the problem, so now I’m just deleting the Zoom Horizon package and losing acceleration…

    To visually demonstrate, here is the accelerator when the bug occurs:


    And here is the accelerator after factory resetting the thin client, which temporarily fixes the problem for a random amount of time:

    Not bugged!


    If you can’t see any of those images, maybe have to go to imgur directly.


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    Could you try to replicate this with a Ubuntu PC?


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    I can confirm that we have exactly the same issue.

    At the same time in the same environment everything works fine using normal horizon client on windows OS.

    Issue can be easily reproduced.

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    Yeah, it’s sad.  We don’t have time to deal with the issues of ThinOS on Dell’s hardware anymore.  The 5070s are great pieces of hardware, ThinOS’s poor execution and bugs hold them back, though.

    That said, we made the decision to keep all of our 5070s, but we’ve since started a installing third party OS on them.  25 thin client operating systems converted, 55 more to go!

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