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    I need to download the latest v2.3 B109 firmware for the original Xenith [1] and Xenith [1] Pro units (C00X & R00X) for a customer.

    The customer has a lapsed maintenance agreement, which means they can log in to the Dell Digital Locker and see the firmware we want to download, but are unable to do so.

    The files are

    • OS_Web_v2.3_B109_C00X_ENG.zip
    • OS_Web_v2.3_B109_R00X_ENG.zip

    Dell EMC are now also refusing to sell maintenance agreements for the older Xenith units, so it is no longer possible to get “permission” to download the firmware.

    While some firmwares are [very generously] posted in the download section, these ones are not there.

    Since there is no official method of getting these firmwares, and that Dell EMC are not planning on migrating these older units to the open Dell Support site, is there a way out of this Catch-22?

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    Officially your way would be to contact Dell support. They should hand it out now for free.
    Inofficially I am in “giving-mood” 😉
    Check the Downloads now.


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    You are a gift-giver who just keeps on giving!

    Thank you so much, as that no doubt saved some digging through the support channels.

    I may well contact Support as well, just so I get the process sorted in case the need arises again (on another device).

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