Wyze Thinos 9.1 Keyboard error

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    I have a problem with Wyze 3040 and the keyboard language. We have 80 wyze deployed on our sites. All in Thinos 9.1 patch from February.
    They are managed by WMS 3.1. We need to have French keyboards but also sometimes German or American.

    The users have the possibility at startup to choose which type of keyboard they can use with the 3040. Then connect with their Citrix login to open a workspace citrix desktop session.

    But on the session some of them end up with a keyboard other than the one they want.

    The group configuration for the Citrix session settings is “server default for Keyboard layout Mode”.

    So they can choose their keyboard.

    I would like to have the keyboard that was chosen on the initial wyze always set in the session. I would like to have the keyboard layout mode set to Client setting, but this would put us in citrix sessions mixing English and French.

    Do you know if you need to set specific options on citrix so that the client setting for the keyboard is recognised correctly?




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