wyse xenith Citrix USB Printing/invalid sessionconfig VUSB

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    After attempting to get XenDesktop/XenApp printing working using some degree of universal print driver on my new XenApp farm, I ran into an issue with assigning the sessionconfig line in the xen.ini file. Specifically, when I insert the following line….

    SessionConfig=all mapdisks=no VUSB_DISKS=yes VUSB_AUDIO=yes VUSB_VIDEO=yes VUSB_PRINTER=yes

    ….I get a message in the event log on the Wyse Xenith saying…

    Invalid SESSIONCONFIG parameter: VUSB_DISKS
    Invalid SESSIONCONFIG parameter: VUSB_AUDIO
    Invalid SESSIONCONFIG parameter: VUSB_VIDEO

    I am very new to this and just (today) got to the point where I have my xen.ini configuration file to download as well as using the firmware file that is included in the Citrix XenDesktop Wyse ‘addon’ (with much thanks to this site, which I also found today). So I’m thinking it may have to do with the fact that I’m running the default (which I think is 1.0.0_34) firmware on the device.

    So, two questions. Is this accurate, and have people had success on newer versions of XenDesktop with USB printing?

    And second, how do I get newer versions of Firmware for my Wyse Xenith?

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    Looks like you are using an old firmware. To get a new one you need a valid maintenance for Xenith. Contact Wyse or your partner where you bought the Xenith units and ask for that.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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