Wyse T10 not recognizing mac ini file sceen settings

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    Good day.  Working with a network with Wyse T10’s.  I have 1 machine that I’m trying to set manual screen resolutions for

    Have functioning ini mac files (example rdp parameters) but the unit does not seem to recognize the screen settings.

    Trying to set manual screen resolutions for screen 1 and screen 2.

    Current have

    DualHead=Yes \
    Mainscreen=1 \
    Orientation=Vert \
    Taskbar=Mainscreen \
    Screen=1 Resolution=1920×1080 Refresh=60 Rotate=none
    Screen=2 Resolution=1366×768 Refresh=60 Rotate=none

    Running V 8.4.110

    The event log shows no errors but oddly shows

    Screen1: [0x8f15, 0x2201] Week(29) Year(2017)

    Screen2: [0x1863, 0x0] AAA Week(6) Year(2020)

    Is it pulling the build date from the monitors…or is it translating my resolutions from the INI mac file into calendar dates?!

    Advice would be apprecaited!

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