Wyse switch back to Unmanaged-Group (re-registered)

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    I have 3 wyse 5070 ThinOS PCoIP.

    I have create a dedicated group into WMS. On the 3 Wyse I have 2 wyse that always go back to the unmanaged group.

    I enroll the wyse in the dedicated group and just after I have a message that say the “wyse was re-registered to group Unmanaged group”wyse error

    First I think of an issue with the wyse firmware but the wyse are different on the 2 wyse (8.6_111 and 8.6-807) and the third one that is working fine is in 8.6_807.

    I have already do a factory reset on each wyse.

    Do you have any idea of what can be the root cause of this?


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