Wyse s10 Wtos and TCX suite compatibility

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    Hi ,
    i have following scenario

    Wyse S10 (flashed to WTOS7)
    Terminal Server 2008r2 + TCX Suite version

    If i load my S10 with wtos , then i can see that when i log in , the TCX Suite is started. ==> my local printers work.
    If i load my S10 with wtos 7.1_122 or Wtos 7.1_207 and i log in ,then i can see that TCX suite does not start when i log in. ==> printers go in error

    Do i need to upgrade my TCX Suite to the latest version ( , or are the newer WTOS versions incompatible with the TCX Suite , or where can i find this ?

    kind regards,

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    Have you also tried with some USB mass storage devices? Are they redirected? Any message on the screen like “if you do this, everyone can see the device” when you redirect the mass storage device?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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