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    We have a problem setting up an RDP connection using system variables.

    Due to the fact that we have a lot of the same locations, the configuration of the wyse 3040 based on firmware 8.5 and 8.6 we use an FTP connection to download the configuration.
    We are currently trying to upgrade the configuration to version 9.1 and manage all devices using WMS.
    However, we ran into a fairly serious problem with the use of system variables.
    When creating the link for 8.x we used the following command & Left($TN,7)R01. Unfortunately, when configuring the RDP session, I have Left($TN,7)R01 entered and the Force SPAN options selected no, Auto Detect Network no.

    DNSs are entered correctly. The name TN is also spelled correctly.

    Pings no target host works fine with system tools.

    I only get the message Connecting to “MyPC – Please wait while we launch the session.”

    If in the Hostname field for the RDP connection I enter the ip address or the computer name MyPCxxxR01, where xxx is a digit representing the store number.


    Krzysztof Chrobak

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    I think that variables in the RDP connection are currently not supported in 9.x.


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