Wyse DVI / Displayport with Audio Signal

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    Hi, is there ANY way to send Video and Audio from a Wyse Device (no matter which model) via HDMI Cable to a Monitor?

    We use HDMI (hard-wired into the wall) to our big screen and wanted to replace local PCs with Wyse clients. So now we’re looking for any solutions to convert DVI or DP with Audio to HDMI.

    1. Does Wyse send audio signal via DVI like some ATI Radeon?
    2. We found “Ligawo Displayport to HDMI Converter with Audio – Anyone using this?

    Dell Wyse Suport told me that there won’t be any model with built-in HDMI due to licensing costs.

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    I have tested a Displayport-to-HMDI adapter cable in the past with the Z-class unit (Z90D7) and it worked perfectly fine.


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    I’ve been attempting to pass AUDIO via a DisplayPort-to-HDMI connector with a WYSE D10D Thin Client. Unfortunately it is also not working.

    Is AUDIO pass thru only supported on a the Z series?

    (Note – with my test – I have used with same cables, etc with a PC and pass thru works with no issues).

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