Wyse C90LE7 thin clients and WDM 4.8.5 server auto-discovery

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    I have recently created a test Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 virtual machine running Wyse WDM 4.8.5 in order to test the management and imaging functions for our Wyse C90LE7 thin clients. The documentation from WYSE pertaining to configure auto-discovery leaves much to be desired.

    While trying to configure auto-discovery, I couldn’t find any DHCP options (186, 187, 192) that worked correctly and ended up using DNS settings to get it working. The problem with using the DNS “wdmserver” method of auto-discovery is that we will be utilizing a WDM server at each remote location across WAN links. Having one DNS entry pointing to our central office WDM server will force remote locations to cross the WAN.

    My desire is to have a WDM server at each remote location so that imaging traffic will not pass through the WAN. This would ideally be configured using the local subnet’s DHCP options, if I could get that working.

    Is there anyone who has any experience with this or a similar WYSE configuration? Did you use DNS or DHCP? If you used DHCP, which options finally worked for you?


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    I always use DHCP option tags.
    You will only need two of them to get it working.
    – 186, configured as an IP address
    – 192, configured as a Byte Array with value 0x00,0x50, if you are using default port 80.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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