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    Does anyone have advice for getting the local printer on the Wyse terminal to map as the default in Citrix?

    I upgraded our terminals from 8.6 (which used the .ini files for the configuration settings) to 9.1 with WMS 3.5.  In the policy, I’ve configured the printer as LPT1, Named it “Local-Printer”, device ID HP LaserJet MFP255dn, and PS for the language (as PCL5 is no longer supported).  I’ve also set LPT1 as the default.  I’ve confirmed in the log files that the policy is being set at the terminal.

    In Citrix (XenApp 1912LTSR), policy was set to allow only the client default printer to map for the users.  Initially, the printers wouldn’t even map, but as an administrator, they did (because I was set to map all printers).  It finally hit me that the printer was not being identified as default.

    I added a secondary policy to Citrix if the client name started with WT6c then map all printers, which gets the printer connected for the end-user but arbitrarily sets the default printer to the first printer I created on the server.

    Does nyone have any suggestions as to what else I can do to set the local printer as default?


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    What happens if you disable the first printer you created on the server or fully remove it?

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