Wyse 3040 not picking up ini profile on wifi

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    I have several Wyse 3040 boxes and they have been working for a while but now the wifi units are starting to not be able to pickup the wnos.ini or the $mac.ini configs.  I have taken one of them and put it on LAN and after a few tries it is able to pick them up but once I move it back to wifi and reboot it can’t again and I get the below message in the log:

    15:22:18.006 Received Full configuration from WMS.
    15:22:18.007 Contacting File Server …
    15:22:24.480 Fail to validate file server
    15:22:24.480 Contacting reserved file server wyseftpfbc4tc …
    15:22:31.360 Cannot access system profile

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