wyse 3040 fail to obtain ip from dhcp with wired connection

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    Andy andy
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    Hi all,

    We have plenty number of 3040 running with 8.6_013 version

    recently, some devices cannot obtain IP from dhcp with wired connection but able to connect with wireless

    When it failed to connect, the devices stuck in the boot up “checking 1 packages”

    Sometimes a factory reset will work but the problem may come back after reset

    at the same time, there are a lot of issues we experienced on the 3040 devices

    below image is one of the issue


    I am trying to upgrade the firmware 8.6.4 and waiting for the result.

    Do any one experienced the same?


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    Never seen or heard about that.
    Are the 3040 directly connected to a switch or maybe indirectly via a telephone?
    Is “Portfast” or similar enabled on the switch?


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