WYSE 3010 (Tx0 T50) with no updates since 2012

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    Hi, i’m new here.

    Have been reading A LOT in this forum for 4 days, very good information 🙂

    I recently get hired by a private school to check all their infrastructure and found that every desk have a wyse 3010 that can’t connect to server, all personnel left the school during COVID and now when they want to get back nothing is working.

    Server was dead, motherboard failure. It was running Windows server 2012 R2.

    Here’s the specs of the thin clients:

    wyse 3010

    This is what i’ve done so far:

    – New server is running with RDS Services installed

    – DHCP, DNS and FTP services running, thin clients read wlx.ini and {MAC}.ini

    – Changed thin clients admin password (no one knew old password).

    – Created a new RDP connection on thin clients but they can’t connect.

    I have very specific questions, hope you guys can help me:

    – How can i upgrade wyse 3010 firmware/OS? Already installed WMS but can’t get to register any client.

    – Do i need some special server configuration to connect to RDS on windows 2019 with these wyse 3010?

    Do i need WMS or WDM software for administration?


    Thank you!

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    These old units will not be able to connect to a Windows 2019 server.


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