WTOS 9.1.5067 and RDP

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    I am testing 9.1 on a 5070. We use standard RDP with a RDGW. How do we set this up in 9.1?  I can’t get it to work. Latest MS AVD 1.5.1325 installed. Latest 1.13.1 BIOS is installed.

    In the Policy Tool, Advanced, Session Settings, RDP settings, I have definded a direct RDP connection with GW. This appears to do nothing.

    In the VDI menu on the Floatbar, “Add Connections” is greyed out. Although one or two times after a reboot, it shows up randomly. But adding an RDP connection, when it does show up, does nothing.

    Also, I get a login dialog box when the thin client starts, but it is not for RDP.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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