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    Hi Team,

    I’m pretty new to WMS, previously we maintained Wyse terminals using FTP servers local to each network, however in the world of Post-Covid customers want to take them home.

    This is likely a really stupid question, but I can’t find it explicitly stated anywhere either officially or for discussion.

    We intended to use WMS to centrally manage customer Wyse terminals across multiple unconnected sites. I presume that given WMS refer to Private Cloud, that it is generally hardened sufficiently to expose to the public internet.

    There is a WMS hardening guide document that I’ve seen which presumes that WMS is intended to be exposed to the internet both on 443 and 1883.

    Is WMS generally OK to be exposed to the internet for this purpose?

    I take it that the Hardening Guide is to be used for this purpose. Are there any other things I can do to make the server safer in this way?

    Currently when Wyse terminals hit WMS they need to be reviewed and accepted, then moved into a group with a config attached, i guess functionality that implies I’m using it for it’s intended purpose. (?)

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    All you need is to open ports 443 and 1883 as described above.
    Of course, you also have to make sure that the FQDN of the server is reachable from outside.
    Other than that, there is nothing to do.


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