Windows 10 IoT icon missing issue

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    Problem Description:

    If the language is set to Chinese, the thumbnail icon in the lower right corner will be missing, as shown in the attached imageicon missing

    If the language is English, there is no such problem. More than 20 devices have this problem

    What troubleshooting have been taken:

    1. Set the different screen resolution, same

    2. Download 2019 OS from the official website, same

    3.After cleaning the disk, the problem persists after restarting. Try to boot for several times or wait for a while after booting the problem persists

    4. For a single device, try the following methods are effective. But for multiple devices, this is obviously not a good way


    Delete IconCache.db

    Task manager restart windows explorer


    The way I think of it is to import into the rsp file of the firmware file of the U disk, and add instructions that can help the icon return to normal.

    However, if it is feasible, there are several issues to be confirmed:

    1. Is it applicable to the same command format as when making the package used in WDM?

    2. Is the action placed in the [Script] block in the rsp file or another script content?

    3. If it is [Script], should it be added before the QU command or after the RB command? Or in the middle?

    4. If you need additional script content, what is the script content name?

    5.When adding a custom command, what commands must be added together? Or is there a part that needs attention?

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