WES to ThinOS conversion

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    Anyone have any hands on with this conversion? I’m managing 4k WES 5070’s at the moment and it’s been a nightmare keeping up. Its been made more challenging by the fact that its 100% managed and patched using WMS only. SCCM isnt in the picture with these… (yet).

    I noticed WMS 4.0 allows for WES to ThinOS conversion and it got me wondering if life was greener on the side of the hill. We were previously on 3010’s using 8.4 ThinOS before we migrated all of them over to Windows Thin client devices. Although the WES devices they are still being used as kiosk single app only connecting to VM’s they load from a Citrix Storefront. So, nothing gained by staying on WES as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ll still need to reach out to Dell Support on the ThinOS activation license requirement. Sounds like we’d have to pony up some extra dough for that conversion…. still, was curious if anyone had any experience with it as it yet.

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    you will only be able to convert 5070 or newer IOT 2019 devices to ThinOS.

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