Webcam Info: Logitech and Poly Studio

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    Just wanted to throw out some general info with lots of people still working from home and returning to the office, webcams are sometimes still hard to come by. Here’s what we’ve found with latest Logitech’s and Poly Studio.

    • Logitech C920e – webcam works with ThinOS 9, built in mic does not.  The built in mic is locked by software and can be unlocked if plugged into a Windows or Mac OS device and the software unlocks the mic.  After the mic is unlocked it will work in ThinOS 9 as Logitech C920e under recording devices in audio preferences.
    • Logitech C930e – webcam works out of the box for video and built in mic works for recording device under audio preferences
    • Poly Studio P5 – webcam does not work in ThinOS 9, but the built in mic does work under audio recording devices.  Poly Studio engineers are working with Dell to get their webcam working.

    That’s all I’ve tested from my end.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information.


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