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    I am testing out the D50D thin client. I am having issues with the device reporting into WDM 5.5.1. It work fine when entered manually, but I want to test auto discovery methods to find WDM.

    Device is running firmware version 11.3.106. This unit is leveraging my current setup that works with the D10DP WDM auto discovery. I have the SRV record “_WDMService._tcp.mydomain.com” and also internal DNS CNAME record “wdmserver.mydomain.com”. I also tried setting RapportServer= in INI file but not luck there either. Am I missing something here?

    The manual is a bit contradictory as it stated create a SRV record “_WDMServer._tcp” in the first part of the SRV section, but then has you to create “_WDMService._tcp.” SRV records toward the end of this section. I also did not create an DNS A record for WDMServer, but the D10DP have been fine with just the CNAME. Is it necessary to create the DNS A record for D50D client to discover WDM server?

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    With running the latest firmware already, all your clients should check in perfectly fine.
    Just change _wdmservice._tcp…. to _wdmserver._tcp……


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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