WACOM usb redirection on WYSE 3040 (RDS + TCX)

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    Hi Everybody !

    In RDS2016 environment on WYSE 3040, i have ~300 users who use a WACOM Sign Tablet (STU-530). Because my users are in WAN context, i must use TCX USB with WAN optimization for that.

    (With the RemoteFX USB redirection, the WACOM hang if my network latency is > 10ms.)

    Because TCX USB is EndofLife, it’s not compatible with new tablet model, new thinOS etc .

    Why Dell has stopped the TCX USB when Microsoft RemoteFX USB has no Optimization WAN for USB , and on ThinOS, we can’t install a third application for redirection optimization usb ??

    Which is the solution alternative without migrated all infrastructure on Citrix (i have no budget for that) ??


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    The WAN optimization for USB redirection was the only remaining feature that made TCX worth it.
    Unfortunately, that was not enough to keep up the engineering costs.


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