V90LEW issue with WDM workgroup

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    I’ve been using WDM workgroup for a little while to control a bunch of V90L’s with XPe, I’ve recently purchase a bunch of V90LEW (WES) and for some reason I can’t pull or push an image to it. Pulling/pushing to the old V90L’s works fine, When trying to “Get device image” the wyse shows “This client is not authorized to operate in this environment” and just keeps rebooting and trying, whey I try to push the image downloaded from Wyse.com it gets the error “http download file failed”. The V90LEW shows “Merlin 1.4.4” come up and i know WDM doesn’t support HTTP to the repository (only available in enterprise as far as i can tell).

    It seems my issue may be that the new V90LEW is trying over http when it needs to be FTP? Wyse’s site clearly states that the V90LEW is supported in WDM workgroup.

    WDM v 4.7.2 w/ hotfix 04072025609 and 04072036209 running on a windows XP box.

    Thanks for any help!

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    With both hotfixes installed the Workgroup edition can also support HTTP repositories.
    Configure it and try again.


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    Correction, with Both hotfixes MERLIN imaging is supported, but Wyse still leaves HTTP and HTTPS to enterprise only installs.

    Have you checked a network trace or the IIS logs for more detailed information on the error?


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