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    I have configured the usb redirection.


    I would like to mount some usb stick in my session.

    When i put the usb stick in my session, nothing happens.

    If i put my usb stick before login in my session, i find my usb stick mounted in Windows!

    Any ideas?


    i use Thinos 9.1.6108 and VMWare session with Wyse 5070 PCOIP.





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    First of all there is currently no RemoteFX support in ThinOS 9 /RDP. It means that you can’t have RemoteFX “redirection” (low level redirection)) and USB sticks won’t appear as regular drive.

    After having played with the clear-as-mud USB drive mapping/redirection options, I managed to get the stick mounted as a network share, inside a subfolder of that share.

    The weird part is that when the redirection has occurred once, the root network folder will always be there. Forever, even after the stick was been removed… The support told me : “not a bug. By Design”.

    > Latest email from Dell support :
    USB redirection is not supported by ThinOS 9.1 :

    P.84 :

    When disk mapping is used, a remote-disk is created :
    In the picture below, 2 USB pen drives are connected :

    Content of USB pen drive 1 is on “da0” folder & content of USB pen drive 2 is on “da1s1” folder.

    When the USB pen drive is unplugged, the folder associated to it disappears. But the “remote-disk” drive on WT#####  is not removed. This is by design.

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