USB stick visible for all users on terminal server

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    Hi again!

    We are now testing out Wyse TCX, and with USB Virtualizer we manage to “forward” the usb stick connected to a C10 to a terminal server (Citrix desktop session).

    But when a user connects a USB stick to the C10 a message appears and says something like:

    “This USB device will be visible to all users on the server”.

    We tested it out and anyone connected to the desktop session on this terminal server can see the user`s USB stick as C:

    Is it any way to only let the user that connects the USB stick see it, and permits the other users to see/access it?

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    This the default behaviour of TCX. Wyse is working wit MS to get this working. Windows 2008 R2 is the first step but still not the solution.
    To simply mp a USB stick you do not need TCX at all.
    If you are not using USB redirection the stick will just be mapped in the user context.


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    Ok, thanks!

    We managed to map the USB before we tried TCX anyway so I think we will stick with that! 🙂

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    Got the same problem. We use terminal services. When we try to connect we get the same message.

    I have tested it with a PDA. Logged in 2 times with unique useraccounts on the terminal server. Put the PDA on the cradle and it opened randomly in MS active sync. Multiple users need to work with PDA and other USB divices.

    Does anybody know a “WorkAround”?




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