USB Passthrough?

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    Hardware: Wyse 5060 thin client version 8.4

    I inheritant this hardware and i am trying to get it to work better then its been setup for. We don’t have any config files on a server and it looks like the ini files are just on the thin client although i don’t know how to edit them because the GUI is not helpful.

    Our setup is we use the Thin client to connect to a microsoft connection broker which will redirect the user to one of two Microsoft servers we have running windows 10 in Hyper-V.

    When i plug a USB into the wyse terminal it detects it on the terminals OS but i am wondering how i can pass that through to the Windows 10.

    I did find documentation that indicates you can set the USB mapping in WNOS.INI but i can’t find out how to locate and edit that on the local client.

    I am wondering if anyone knows how I can setup these terminals to allow us to use the USB for copying?


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    Check out the first steps document in the ThinOS downloads. Sound like you are not using Thin Linux but ThinOS.


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