USB device inaccessible in citrix session

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    I cannot manage to use, in a Citrix session, peripherals plugged into USB on my 5070 ThinOS.

    By using its citrix sessions from a PC, I have good access to the local USB device. So I think I can ignore the citrix part.
    Especially since the same Citrix sessions on these same Wyse 5070 had access to USB devices before I switched to WMS (before 9.x I configured my Wyses in FTP).

    Wyse : Wyse 5070 Pentium
    OS : ThinOS (9.1.6108)

    The USB device is functional locally on the Wyse and the WMS sees it in the Wyse system properties.

    Wyse system property

    I have tried several policy configurations. But I would like to avoid using USB redirection because my users’ devices are very diverse.


    If anyone has an idea to help me understand what is blocking access to the local USB device without restriction. I would be very grateful 🙂

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