Upgrading S50, reggetbool not found?

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    I’ve been trying and failing spectacularly to try and get this device properly upgraded over the past week.
    So far, I’ve accomplished the ability to set the connections via FTP wlx.ini, which I had hoped would allow me to get it to upgrade via FTP.
    Using the only firmare download for the 64Mb version from Here, I prepared a /wyse/wlx folder (as were the defaults in the self extracting package), but haven’t had any luck at all.

    So far, upon booting I notice the wlx.ini file being loaded, and that’s about it from the FTP side of things. The System Log notes:

    Checking for image to install ...
    /sbin/reimage/reimage.sh: 20: reggetbool: not found
    Checking for addons to install ...


    I’m not sure what the “reggetbool” tool is, it doesn’t appear to be a standard GNU command or anything, so I’m a little puzzled what it’s supposed to be doing.

    Any thoughts? This has been really frustrating, as I thought that using thin clients would simplify things…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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