Upgrade from WMS 3.1 standard to WMS 3.1 pro

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    I ordered licenses for upgrading WMS standard to WMS pro, got this string of numbers back. Put them in the Dell digital locker and instead of the single string of numbers I put in I got 20 ( I ordered 20 licenses) lines back that don´t look like license string or numbers. Does anyone know the procedure for upgrading the appliance from standard to pro? What it should look like?

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    When you order licenses you should make sure that on your order you only see one position “Wyse Management Suite” with eg. 20 licenses and NOT 20 positions with “Wyse Management Suite”.
    Both will work but the handling is not that smooth.

    Once you have received your code (these are not your WMS licenses at that point), you have to enter them under Dell Digital Locker. After that, your order codes will get converted to WMS licenses and automatically installed in your WMS Pro Cloud version.
    So, open WMS Cloud, go to Portal Administration – Subscription, and export your licenses there. After that, you can import them in your local instance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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