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    I’m having a lot of connectivity problems with ThinOS 9.x on Wyse 3040 boxes with PCoIP.

    Dell support has been incredibly slow to respond and don’t seem to be able to help at all.

    I can’t downgrade ThinOS to 8.6 as they are located across 2 different countries in 4 offices and going around with a USB stick just isn’t possible.

    After getting nowhere with Dell support I reached out to Teradici who were a little more helpful and they suggested updating the version of their drivers on the Wyse 3040 boxes. This was easy on the AWS workspaces but I don’t see any way to do it on the zero clients.

    I’m not sure what’s in the “packages” WMS uses.

    Is there any way to create your own package to update the PCoIP drivers on the zero client?


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    NO, not possible.
    However, you can download the latest supported PCoIP stack as a ThinOS 9 package directly from dell.com/support.
    Use WMS to install it then.


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