Trying to modify WNOS.ini on old Zero Client

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    I have a Xenith HDX unit that I’m playing around with.

    The model I have is Cx0 (C00X 128f/512r) and hasn’t been reconfigured since 2012.

    It is set up for a simple connection to a Xen desktop, but I want to read and modify the WNOS.INI file to see if I can get it to do a RDP connection.

    I don’t have a management server or  similar but I can boot from USB drive using Wyse Image Tool v2. to pull the image from the device. How can I access WNOS.INI without turning the Zero Client into a paperweight?


    Help is appreciated.



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    A Xenith device is a Citrix only device. You cannot access anything else than Citrix.
    If you still want to play around with a wnos.ini or xen.ini, read the First Steps doc in the Downloads.


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