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    Have a question regarding the time server settings in Thinos 8.6, 9.1.

    We are having some thin clients that are lossing their time settings.

    We are using our core switches as time servers on the default ntp UDP port 123. In the thinos docu I read that you can specify a TCP (not UDP) port after the time server name or IP.


    If you don’t enter a port port 80 is used by default.

    Will specifying the time server as ‘FQDN:123’ work in our case?  Since it is not TCP port 123 that we are using.



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    I use my windows domain name as time server. My domain is “grooll.lan”, so, in the wnos.ini file, I have that :

    TimeServer=grooll.lan TimeFormat=”24-hour format” DateFormat=dd/mm/yyyy GetBiosDT=yes


    There’s an option en WMS, but only for ThinOS 9.x in ‘Paramètres Région et langue’ (in french), but not for ThinOS 8.x.


    On some others sites, i used this server:  ‘fr.pool.ntp.org’ (without port).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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