ThinsOS 9.1.2 Citrix UDP Audio Issues / Install WES?

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    Hello, all. I have been working towards getting a softphone environment up and running while using Wyse 3040 on ThinOS 9.1.2 with the newest Citrix package.

    We have the Citrix environment programmed correctly, and WMS 3.2 controlling these devices with the proper recommend UDP audio settings (Medium audio quality and UDP audio) and there continues to be static and latency for users using our softphone.

    I found on the most recent Wyse Admin Manual that apparently UDP audio is not supported on ThinOS due to “Linux Citrix workspace app limitations” for whatever reasons that means. I think this might mean it is not possible to do what I am attempting to accomplish.

    I also ordered and set up a 5070 Wyse with the same OS and Firmware version and the same audio issues occur.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    If this doesn’t work, I was going to look towards completely removing ThinOS and putting on Windows Embedded to use the Citrix receiver as UDP audio is working for test users on laptops and they have zero audio quality issues. Is it possible to deploy the WES image from WMS to currently imaged ThinOS devices?

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    Have you tried to switch audio quality to anything else than Medium? This way you are no longer using UDP.
    There is no way to convert a ThinOS device to another OS.


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