ThinOS / VMware Blast / Webcam issues

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    Good evening,

    I have a bunch of 5070s running ThinOS 8.6 MR8 and I have issues getting a Microscope Webcam to work in a lab.

    I have a bunch of Logitech Creative Live! Cam SYNC 1080p webcams that work totally fine.

    But the microsope cameras of type Bresser MicrOkular Full HD cameras are not displayed on the virtual desktops. The VMware virtual webcam is displayed but the screen stays black.

    If I start the local preview on ThinOS I can see a picture.

    The biggest difference that I can see on ThinOS side is the format MJPEG compared to RAW for the Logitech Cams.

    The Clients are Windows 10, I run Horizon View 7.13 and 8.0 2006 on some test PCs. The connection between the TCs and the Virtual Desktops is Gigabit Ethernet with a few hundred meters of cable.

    Is there any way to debug why picture is not displayed on my virtual desktop but it works on the local preview?

    Thank you so much for your support.

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    If I connect with the Horizon View Client for Windows (8.0.0/2006) I can access the webcam of the microscopes. So t does not seem to be a general issue wiht Horizon View or the device.


    But I can also not find a lot of documentation about the ThinOS horizon client and the RTAV part specifically.

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    Please try with ThinOS 9.1 tomorrow


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