ThinOS Activation License TAL – How to Purchase

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    I contacted Dell Sales to purchase ThinOS TALs and WMS Pro and they said they don’t sell ThinOS separately. They escalated my sales inquiry to someone else and he is trying to find the SKU for WMS Pro. In his email he said, “We would be able to provide the Wyse Management Suite Pro licenses to you and using that you should be able to deploy the TAL.”

    In addition to this, they provided me a link to the new Optiplex 3000 thin clients with ThinOS preinstalled.

    What am I missing? The Wyse WMS Pro directions, provided by Dell, dictated that you need to ensure you have enough TALs in WMS Pro or else the conversion won’t be successfully registered in WMS Pro. This leads me to believe you need to purchase TALs and register those TALs in WMS Pro so that you can assign them to the proper device.

    I found several Wyse 5470s for sale on the used market with Windows 10ENT, Win10IOT or No OS installed but I need ThinOS. So I don’t want to purchase these devices till I know how to acquire WMS Pro and TALs?. Dell seems clueless on this matter.

    This seems way too difficult for something that should be very simple.

    Jim Lathan
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    Activating ThinOS converted devices requires the purchase of Wyse Management Suite Pro AND ThinOS activation licenses. If you are using Wyse Management Suite Standard, you immediately think you must buy WMS licenses for all your devices. The best way to do this is to purchase WMS Pro and ThinOS Activation Licenses for the number of devices you want to activate, creating a WMS Pro Cloud tenant with the licenses ready to assign.

    All you have to do now is to register the devices to WMS Cloud using your default Group Policy Token, this will automatically assign a TAL to your device if is does not have one.

    You can check the assignment by referencing the Subscription section in Portal Administration, if the device is assigned, unregister it and place it back in your WMS standard console.

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    Paul did you ever get anywhere with purchasing WMS Pro and the TAL’s?  We are really struggling to get a resller to who know what to do.

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